The action of painting is not an expression, not an articulation, not a mechanical action, not a spontaneous action, not an automatic action, not the expression of a technical ability, but an action disconnected from ability. It is an ability in the body that is there and is released in an instant.

Many artists work in technology: video, installation, etc. My interest in painting is bound with the physicality of the action. For me it is a physical action (like game, or sport). What is it like? To the body trained in technique. But painting is not a technical action and is not an expression. It is a precise action.

My interest is not in the image. The aim is not the creation of an image, but the motive (among motives) is the image – and it, the image, is evident in the painting.

The action of painting is for me an action without aim and without effort. Physicality without aim, but one that is bound with discipline (which is not technical). The most basic level of the painterly action. The zero level of the body, the zero level of painting. It is something very like, but different from sport. The action must be completely accurate. Any slight mistake means crashing.

It sometimes seems to people that the paintings are easy, but it is about as easy as is levitating without effort two centimeters above ground for two seconds.

“Shall Reap In Joy”, Julie M. Gallery, 2001

– – –

These paintings I painted according to a picture. This picture is inside me. It is made of colors that do not depend on and are not subordinate to things. The light washes through it as a flowing river. The globe of the eye coincides in it with the globe of the sun. I exist in it as a color that colors all. A color without a defined border that unifies all. The rainbow is the pure manifestation of this color. But the painting is not this picture. It cannot be the picture. The picture is essentially the invisible of these paintings. And yet, it seems to me that it flickers in them, bright and blinding.

“blank rainbow”, Noga Gallery, 2010

– – –